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Hi, I'm Jody, a kayaking enthusiast.



Hi, I'm Jill, kayaking is my passion.



We love to spend our days kayaking the beautiful, serene water ways of Florida. Kayaking affords you the opportunity to appreciate the true beauty of "Old Florida".  We see manatees, alligators, other wildlife species and a large variety of seabirds and fish.

Nothing is more exciting than to see an eagle soar or perch above you. 

We want to share our kayaking passion with you. All photography displayed on our site are originals taken by us.  

Join us for a fun filled, adventurous day kayaking the fresh or salt water of Florida, enjoying the gentle manatees. 




Barred Owl


American Bald Eagle





Brown Pelican


Great White Heron


Great Blue Heron


Wood Stork


Florida Mallard Ducks





West Indies Manatee


American Alligator

Hymenocallis floridana

Bur Marigold

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